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Puzzled about who to turn to for YOUR printing and mailing needs?


RTM Enterprises, Inc. offers as much or as little help as you need to keep your projects on budget and on time.

  • More Graphic Design:

    • RTM can help you from the very beginning of the conception process to the printing and the mailing, however it all begins with our Graphic Design Services. RTM has an experienced Graphic Artist who has not only produced our own advertisement pieces, but has had many years of experience in the industry.

      Give RTM a call today and begin the process of creating your own eye-catching design for your printed material today!

  • More IBill:

    • I-Bill is RTM’s newest division for the printing and mailing of statements as well as our state-of-the-art online bill payment options that are 100% customizable for your company.

      • Are you tired of having to print, fold, and insert your own billing statements?
      • Tired of dealing with a postage machine that never works?
      • Tired of having to un-jam your printer?
      • Have trouble finding paper and envelopes for a great price?
      • Is it hard to maintain coordination of marketing inserts?

      If you answered yes to any of the above questions – You need to contact RTM!!!

      RTM can use your logo and print on pre-printed forms to make a PMS color match. We can also manipulate your data to be placed anywhere you would like on the document. We can use specialized fonts, typesetting, and bold text to catch the eye of the customer. RTM can also add specialized message areas to be seen by some or all customers. We can also add inserts with your document as well as add an OCR line to speed up your collection time as well as set-up online bill payment for your customers, saving you time and money.

      RTM’s Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment services increase profitability by:

      1. Reducing billing process costs
      2. Improving cash flow
      3. Reducing customer service expenses while improving quality

      If you are preparing to implement an EBPP system or are not happy with the costs, performance, or usability of your current EBPP system, please contact RTM today! I-Bill’s processing environment was written from the ground up as a fully-distributed group of separate applications. To ensure security your documents are encrypted at the highest level both when attached to e-mail and when delivered through a browser. We also utilize time-tested technology in our network topography. We use information safeguards employed for the security and transport of customer data such as Ethernet fully-switched gigabit backbone, redundancy through multiple Internet pipes/ISPs, and pure non-routable TCP/IP intranet and many more. We have also made the choice to eschew client server/database server technology due to the necessity of exposing services to the intranet. We implemented a client-based access technology that utilizes ISAM-style files with strenuous reading/writing client requirements. As an added bonus, state of the art document management capabilities are included with our services.

      Our EBPP solution combines document management services ranging from electronic archiving to document flow management. We create electronic documents directly from a print or scan streams, implementing solutions that meet your specific requirements, without additional software or interfaces.

      Security is our number one priority!

      We use a three-tier method for transporting data from our servers to the Internet.

      • Tier 1: Our web servers reside on our company intranet, but are setup so that they are secure, and unaffected by other services running on our intranet. The web servers receive the requests for data from the internet.
      • Tier 2: Initiates communication with the first tier web servers which are the only servers able to communicate with the internet for additional security.
      • Tier 3: Is our data storage devices. We us UNIX-based storage devices to house all of our production data and this tier only communicates with the “second tier” for complete security of all data.

      Our disaster relief program is also state of the art and is actually tested every 6 months!

      I-Bill is one of a kind - looking to send a bill through a text message? No problem! Trying to make your company completely paperless? No problem!

      Call us today to schedule a meeting!

  • MoreMailing Services

    • Data Processing:

      Mailing Options are always a concern. First class? Presort? Bulk? Stamped? Sometimes the options seem endless. RTM can help! Our data processing department will work on your mailing list to insure its accuracy. All lists are CASS and DPV Certified to generate postal barcodes and validate addresses. We offer the use of our indicia or permit, if you company does not have one, sparing you the annual cost of the permit. Further, we create the paperwork required by the post office for all standard mail and deliver it to the postal distribution center by van or by truck on a daily basis. No more hassles at the post office due to inaccurate packaging! We take the headaches out of mailings.

    • Mailing Lists:

      Mailing lists are only effective if the information they contain is current and accurate! If the object of a mailing project is to target those responsible for making purchases, why take chances with it being misdirected? Our mailing lists are designed to meet your specific needs. Company CEO, phone numbers, purchasing agents, new businesses, residences, specific incomes, specific areas, specific neighborhoods. We can define your list to fit your business or personal needs!

    • Ink Jet and Laser Addressing:

      RTM has the capability to address up to 30,000 postcards in an hour, our ink jet systems offer high quality print (600 dpi) in almost any true type font. Special ink and a unique delivery system actually allows printing onto traditionally difficult stocks with special coatings or the increasingly popular translucent stocks with little trouble. The fast drying formula reduces smearing or smudging of the address, leaving a crisp clean image and bar code.
      Inserting: One piece or six, business cards to calendars, we have the capability of serving your needs. What’s more, on board cameras allow us to offer exact matching of the materials inserting into the envelope with the address on the outside, automatically not by hand! This reduces the chance of error and decreases the overall production time. Out inserter does the work of 40 people in one hour!

    • N.C.O.A.:

      Also known as National Change of Address provides the most current address listing available for your database. Choose from the “fast forward” service which updates any moves made within the past 13 months or a full NCOA Service, which will track moves over the course of the last 4 years. Why pay the added expense of receiving back mail that was undeliverable? Using NCOA services twice a year can eliminate this added cost and update your database at the same time! Bar Coding: Bar coding is not an issue for RTM. We can generate any type of barcode required for your project. Postal bar coding is a standard service for outgoing mail which allows for better postal rates. But what about other barcodes? Does your mailing require a barcode? We can set the code in any required format; 3 of 9, postnet, UPC, and planet code to name a few. We supply samples to proof with your bar code reader prior to finishing the project insuring readability and complete satisfaction.

  • MorePrinting Services

    • Variable Data Printing:

      Personalizing letters has never been easier. State-of-the-art high speed digital printers, when network connected, output 105 pages per minute. Any amount of variable information and data can be formatted. Our laser printing system connects up to 6 printers at a time thereby increasing our capability, speed and accuracy. Your project is completed on time and on budget with the quality you expect!

      Digital Color Printing:

      RTM can provide you with digital color printing ready for you the same day! RTM’s digital color printer allows us to provide you with the same day turn around for pricing that can’t be beat. Need a short run for a meeting tomorrow? Just give us a call and RTM will take care of you. The quality is outstanding and our service will bring you back time and time again.


      Bindery options are abound at RTM! We offer the traditional bindery capabilities such as cutting, folding, stapling, padding, scoring, perforating and numbering. But we also have the capability of laminating, polybagging, GBC binding and perfect binding. Our perfect binder offers many options as well. From padding to creating book and covered reports, this option gives all of your projects a finished professional look.

      Need to order some printed material right now?

      Give us a call today at (614) 777-8010 or order the following products online right now!

      • Business Cards
      • Letterhead
      • Envelopes
      • Color or Black and White Copies
      • Postcards
      • Brochures
RTM Services
  • RTM Printing Services:
    RTM now offers an online ordering system for all of your printing needs.

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    Let RTM handle all your important billing and business correspondence for you!
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  • Graphic Services:
    RTM offers quality Graphic Design services to ensure your printing project is sucessful!
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